1. Dicision of establishment:

  • Decision No: 230/CP dated 16/9/1978 of the Goverment
  • Signed by: Deputy Prime Misnister Le Thanh Nghi

2. Address:

3. Function and tasks:

  • To carry out fundamental research in chemistry;
  • To develope technology applications in the fields of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physicochemical, polymeric chemistry, organic biochemistry, environmental chemistry and other related fields.
  • To conduct postgraduate training in the field of chemistry and other related fields.
  • To develop cooperation in scientific research and training with institutes and universities in Vietnam and other countries..
  • To perform other duties assigned by the President of the Academy.

4. Directorate:

  • Director: Prof. Nguyen Van Tuyen
  • Vice Directors:  
  • Prof. Ngo Quoc Anh
  • Prof. Vu Duc Loi
  • Dr. Hoang Mai Ha

5. Scientific Council:

  • Chairman: Prof. Ngo Quoc Anh
  • Secretary: Prof. Thanh Thi Thu Thuy
  • Members: Prof. Nguyen Van Tuyen, Assoc.Prof. Ngo Trinh Tung, Prof. Nguyen Van Khoi, Assoc.Prof. Trinh Thi Thuy, Assoc.Prof. Vu Thi Thu Ha, Assoc.Prof. Vu Duc Loi, Assoc.Prof. Tran Van Loc, Dr. Nguyen Quyet Tien, Dr. Duong Tuan Hung, Dr. Hoang Mai Ha

6. Laboratories: 22 research laboratories and 01 research center:

  • Laboratory of Organic Synthesis
  • Laboratory of Natural Products Research
  • Laboratory of Bioactive Compounds
  • Laboratory of Technology of Bioactive Compounds
  • Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biology
  • Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry
  • Laboratory of Green Chemistry
  • Laboratory of Applied Biochemistry
  • Laboratory of Environment Bioorganic Chemistry
  • Laboratory of Advanced Materials
  • Laboratory of Drug Research and Discovery
  • Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry
  • Laboratory of Applied Electrochemistry
  • Laboratory of Surface Chemistry
  • Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry
  • Laboratory of Informatics Application to Chemical Research
  • Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry
  • Laboratory of Applied Analytical Chemistry
  • Laboratory of Functional Polymers and Nano Materials
  • Laboratory of Natural Polymer
  • Laboratory of Polymer Materials
  • Laboratory of Material and Environmental Technology
  • Center for Applied Spectroscopy

7. Department of Administration

Head: BA. Nguyen Thi Lan Anh


  • Unit for archives
  • Unit for human resource management
  • Unit for scientific management
  • Unit for finance
  • Unit for education
  • Unit for international relations

8. Human resources: (figures are counted in December 2012)

  • Total: 167                                   - Doctors: 68
  • Professors: 02                           - Masters: 60
  • Associate professors: 13           - Bachelors: 36
  • Doctors of Science: 0                - Others: 03

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